Eric Lang is our present instructor for Tai Chi in 2018-1019. We have enjoyed and benefited greatly from the Tai Chi classes he has presented.

Initially, he provided an “Adult Tai Chi (Taiji) Reference” sheet  which introduced the “Yang Style 24 Posture Form” and Yang’s 10 Important Points(simplified). Furthermore, he provided the first and second “Sequence of Movements” of Tai Chi and other references for videos and a recommended book.

Eric provided classes that provided in-person instructions. His attitude was positive and he is considerate to provide the alternative techniques for those who might have had difficulty doing any movements. He demonstrates the positions and offers alternate positions for the student to be comfortable practicing Tai Chi. The goals of his classes are to enhance each student’s long term health maintenance.

We thank him for providing guide lines to learn the formal postures and names for the 24 positions of Tai Chi. We highly recommend Eric for being a very qualified Tai Chi instructor.