Class Offerings

TAI CHI FOR HEATH (Yang Style 24 Posture)Tai Chi (or Taiji) is a martial art known for its health benefits to mind and body. As one of the most well known “internal” styles, its practice is often compared to moving meditation. Instruction will focus on training for wellness, including improving stability, balance, coordination, breathing and circulation. In order to reduce inflammation, promote heart health, relaxation and awareness.

MINDFUL QIGONG Qigong is an ancient Chinese system that integrates bodily movements, breathing techniques and focused intention to improve wellness. This practice helps to mindfully ease hypertension, inflammation, and depression; assists the body's circulation and natural immunity system; and improve mindfulness. Easily adapted for those who may be chair bound or are challenged by limitations which prohibit prolonged standing.

SELF-DEFENSE FOR BEGINNERS Self-defense on the street won't be measured in rounds – your goal is to get out of a conflict quickly and effectively! This is a very practical skillset that borrows from many styles and emphasizes pragmatic techniques and drills from styles including Taijiquan, WingTsun, Xingyi, Bafaquan, MianZhang, Isshin-Ryu, Krav-Maga, and others.